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At Bergin Equine we provide equine services with our team of experienced and qualified professionals. Our main goal is the welfare of horse and rider. Please feel free to Contact us if you have any enquiries.

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We provide coaching for riders of all ages and levels. All coaching is under the direction of Brendan Bergin BAgrSc-Eq (Hons), BHSI, ETCM an experienced and highly qualified coach. We specialise in rider and horse biomechanics and learning theory. The key to coaching success is for the team of rider, coach and horse to achieve and develop happily! Brendan is also available for freelance coaching on your own horse working towards your goals. Please contact us for more information.

Live video coaching sessions are available using Facetime, Zoom or WhatsApp video calling. All you need is an internet enabled phone with someone to film to provide the video feed and a phone in your pocket with earphones to recieve live feedback. If you would like to arange a video coaching session please contact us


Our training employs good biomechanics and learning theory. We train horses at their own pace working towards your goals. We specialise in foundation training (breaking) and problem horses getting to the core of the issue. We recognise that with problem horses their riders also need rehabilitation and help as well in getting back in the saddle.

We also have trained horses and youngstock for sale. If you are interested in trained horses for sale please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can source and train up your ideal horse to ensure you have the ideal partner to meet your requirements.

BHS Assessments

With the Covid19 pandemic candidates can do their Stage 1 CARE and RIDE at an approved centre with a BHS Assesor. Bergin Equine at Brambly Hedge Farm is the only Irish BHS approved centre with an Assessor on site. (conforming to all government guidelines for travel etc.).

- BHS Stage 1 Care €155 (£130)

- BHS Ride Out Silver (Accepted instead of Ride Safe) For more information or to book your assessment please contact us

Career Training

We train students towards all qualifications in the BHS Complete Horsemanship Pathway. This world class education system is not just about passing exams but rather about life long learning. Our goal is to prepare students to be be fit for purpose working to industry standard. All training is under the direction of Brendan Bergin BAgrSc-Eq (Hons), BHSI, ETCM an experienced trainer and BHS Assessor. Below is a brief explanation of the the Complete Horsemanship Pathway:

-BHS Stage 1

Care and Riding

-Ride Safe

The Ride Safe is currently offline due to Covid19. BHS Ride Out Silver will be accepted instead.

-BHS Stage 2 (Foundation Rider/Groom)

Care, Lunging, Riding and Teaching

-BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship (Formally BHSAI)

Care, Lunging, Riding (Dressage/Jumping) and Teaching

-BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship (Formally BHSII)

Care, Lunging, Riding (Dressage/Jumping) and Teaching

-BHS Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship(BHSI)

Care. Lunging, Riding and Teaching

We also offer training in the Ride Leader PathwayThe BHS Ride Out Pathway guides and supports those wishing to pursue a career in the equestrian tourism sector, from leading rides out to managing an equine tourism establishment or trekking centre. :

- Stage 2 Ride Leader

- Stage 3 Trail Leader

- Stage 4 Senior Trail Yard Manager

We can help students with skills training and exam preparation to ensure students are fully prepared for work in the industry and to sucessfully achieve their exams. As a BHS Approved centre with an Accredited Professional Coach (APC) we can sign off your Skills Record. The skills record must be signed off before your exam day and must be presented your assessor on the day. Unless signed properly you will not be allowed sit your exam. It is our policy not to sign off new clients within four weeks of an exam date. For more information please Contact us.

Stage 1-4 Care Study Group


This study group with BHS Assessor Brendan Bergin BAgrSc-Eq (Hons), BHSI, ETCM is ideal for those who want to attain the skills to work in the industry. You will learn at your own pace and have the opportunity to have your skills books signed off when you are able to demonstrate the required skills. Pre booking is essesntial. Click here to contact us!

For other training like Riding, Coaching, Lunging or Ride Safe please contact us to book.

There is also a closed Facebook group for those working towards Stage 1-4 (Care, Management, Riding, Coaching or Lunging) if you would like to joing the group please Click here and you will be redirected to the page, once you answer the joining questions your request will be considdered.

Our Philosophy

At Bergin Equine we believe in the power of individual centred development. This applies to both horse and rider. One of the main challenges for any coach and trainer is to provide an environment which is mutually beneficial for a horse and rider partnership to develop. We believe simplicity and structure are at the centre of horse and rider partnerships who achieve happily.

As a horse and rider's ability understanding develops over time we can start to truly unleash their full potential and gain maximal achievement and self actualisation. Whatever your goals whether large or small our dedicated, experienced and qualified team can assist you.

Our Ethos

Our yard ethos is to provide a fair playing ground for all in line with that of the BHS. This includes not only the humans and the horses but also the other stock present at Brambly Hedge Farm which include Dexter cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Hens, Ducks and Peafowl. This provides for the ideal training ground for both horse and rider in a relaxed and animal centred farm environment.

Our Team

Brendan Callan-Bergin Joint Proprietor / Head Coach

Brendan holds an Honors degree in Animal Science - Equine [BAgrSc-Eq (Hons)] from UCD. He has worked in the UK, Australia and Denmark to gain experience before settling back in to his native Ireland. He is one of the few coaches in Ireland holding the BHSI (Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship), IGEQ International Level 3 Coach (FEI Recognised) as well as the ETCM (BHS Stage 4 Senior Trail Yard Manager) the highest of its kind. Brendan specialises in horse and rider centred development and has a special interest in working with clients towards specific competition goals in eventing, show jumping and dressage. As BHS, Ride Safe Assessor and Pony Club B Examiner he has unique insight into exam requirements and is available to train students towards BHS Complete Horsemanship Pathway, BHS Ride Leader Pathway and Pony Club Exams. His other key interest is in breaking and rehabilitating problem horses. Please feel free to contact Brendan directly by email here

Michelle Callan-Bergin Joint Proprietor / Manager / Coach

Michelle holds an Masters in Psychology MSc (Psyc) from UCD. Michelle runs the yard keeping everything organised and on track. Michelle is the linchpin in our breeding program and in the handling of young stock. With her fantastic insight into training both people and animals she is an irreplaceable part of the team.

Please feel free to contact Michelle directly by email here

A playground for learning

Bergin Equine's training spaces have been designed so that all clients from beginner to advanced level can enjoy facilities which encourage progress and development in all three diciplines including; dressage, show jumping and cross country. We enjoy both a 85mx30m area with a small arena for starting young horses and for young riders starting out. We also have the facility to work on a sand surface and on grass.

We have a full set of Jump4Joy show jumps including fillers from our kind sponsors; Jump4Joy, Core Distribution and WeCanSaveyouMoney.ie. If you are intrested in show jump coaching please get in contact contact us.

With help from William Micklem FBHS we have designed a variety of bank complexes, hills, ditches and a water fence to assist riders and horses training from grass roots onwards. We also have a variety of moblile cross country fences for training horses and riders from grass roots upwards.If you are intrested in cross country coaching please get in contact contact us.

About Us

Bergin Equine's mission is to train using ethically sustainable principles. Our philosophy: "Ethical effective training achieving lightness through harmony" best represents our approach. As a BHS approved centre our ethos is closely aligned with the British Horse Society.

Our holistic approach is unique brining together the right experts to really deal with problems treating horses as individuals not using one size fits all solutions.